About Me

Born and bred in Austin, Texas, Emma Olson grew up in a live music hot spot that serves the best breakfast tacos you’ll ever taste. She is currently a junior at Agnes Scott College where she is pursuing the 3/2 Dual Degree Nursing program with Emory University. Emma thinks that she wants to focus on pediatric nursing specifically, as she has gained years of experience through her role as a big sister to seven siblings but hopes to get exposure to a wide variety of pathways when she heads to nursing school. Her other academic interests include Spanish, mental health, and global opportunities. She loves traveling abroad to learn about other cultures, traditions, and perspectives, especially after spending some time in Nigeria, Bolivia, Costa Rica, and Norway in the past few years. In her first year, Emma traveled to Chile with her fellow Agnes Scott classmates for a global experience through the Summit program. She hopes to continue her journey to strengthen her bilingual writing and speaking abilities in Spanish that will allow her to be a well-rounded and versatile nurse. Once she graduates from nursing school, her hope is to work in communities across the globe. Along with her love of travel, medicine, and kids, she also spends time playing guitar, drawing, cooking and exploring the outdoors. Overall, Emma is always looking for internships, research studies, and jobs that will develop her academic skills, linguistic proficiency, and ultimately, achieve her personal goals.